Who am I
Maria Chiara Gatti

I have always cultivated a passion for paper that becomes art.  

In 1988 I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in architecture.  Immediately after, I mastered and perfected my studies in the field of restoration of ancient books and paper:  I received a diploma from the School of Archiving and Paleography and the diplomatic state Archive of Milan. I took part in various specialized internships at art boutiques and laboratories where I refined restoration techniques and conservation interventions of miniatures and parchment paper. 
I became part of various important associations in the archival sector (Coop A.L. A. Milano, A.N.A.I. Roma, coop Archè), in the meantime I was entrusted with recognized works, filing and the recuperation of important archival funds.  
Particular importance was given to my work of drafting the New Register of Parchments of the parchment fund of the Historical public archives of Voghera which holds a collection and document studies from 974 to 1300.  

At the beginning of the new millennium, my passion in the branch of paper art drove me to create a laboratory in Stradella that takes care and values ancient paper: everything from prints made from etchings, parchment paper, and library works. 
The laboratory is called <Charta Antiqua> 
This continuous contact with these works eventually incited the desire in me to re-discover their meaning with a new and personal creative interpretation.  

At the end of 2014 the Fabulars project came about, or rather the creations whose iconographic heritage and the ancient stories of the paper come together with my desire to communicate, through the worries and emotions of my time.  


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